1. Danny Todd

    instagram: @itsdannytodd 

  2. This cat.

    Took this the other day. 

  3. Selfie Game Strong ha! - Instagram: @itsdannytodd 

  4. Oliver Sykes // Bring Me The Horizon // Vans Warped Tour 2013

    Instagram: @itsdannytodd

  5. Of Mice & Men // Resqhouse // Coachella 

    instagram: @itsdannytodd




  6. cchrisramirez said: Hey Danny, I love your work so much! Do you use final cut?

    Hey! Thank you so much! I appreciate that! And heap, i use Final Cut Pro X.

    instagram: @itsdannytodd


  7. Anonymous said: what photoshop program do you use?

    I use Photoshop Cs4…I need to upgrade though! haha

    instagram: @itsdannytodd


  8. littl3-hand-gr3nad3 said: I really really love your pictures. You're an amazing photographer. Thats all okay, bye.

    Thank you :) 

    instagram: @itsdannytodd


  9. morethanpieces said: Hey you are really cute :)

    Hey, thank you :p

    instagram: @itsdannytodd

  15. This game is called Hammerschlagen…if you haven’t played it or heard of it…look it up and get on it! So simple, and so fun. Get some friends, and gather round…oh and don’t forget the beer. ;)